Colorful Vietnam

I arrived in Hoi An early in the morning. It’s a small city with lots of lights and small houses. The so called old Town is the center of it and consists of small walking streets with lots of shops, restaurants or ancient buildings. During my stay here I mostly saw the ancient attractions from the outside. There is an old bridge and temples which are mainly Chinese and the rest of the towns architecture is a mix of French and Indochinese. I really liked the city from the first day on. Later in the afternoon Martijn and I walked a bit through the city and met his friend from Israel, whom he met in Cambodia before. She was already here for a couple of days and showed us a very good restaurant. After eating, I was really excited to go to the tailor shops to get my own designed clothes. This city is very much famous for its tailors and one can tailor here everything! it’s a very exciting feeling to make your own clothes and the next day when I picked them up I was so happy. They were exactly what I wanted and not even that expensive. In the evening I attended a cooking class from my hostel where we learned how to make spring rolls. This was again a lot of fun and I met Brigita from Lithuania here as well with whom I traveled to Hue a few days later.

The next morning, after I picked up my tailored clothes, we rented a bicycle and rode to the other side to the beach. On our way we passed the so called vegetable village, a small village with little vegetable fields around. Since it was noon, no one was outside but it smelled very fresh and good. As soon as we passed the bridge, huge rice fields opened in front of us and we could even smell the rise. It was a very nice ride to the beach and in general I just love riding a bicycle. We spend a very relaxing day at the beach and later went into town to the night market.

The city is quite magical at night. The shops are mostly closed but all the lights and small streets make it look like in a movie. By the river it’s even more beautiful, there are boat sells for half an hour and one can put swimming candles into the river so the floating boats are surrounded by candles. It’s a very romantic scenario and unlike anything I’ve seen befor in Asia. Although I think that this city is kind of a fake city, set up for tourists, I still enjoyed the beauty of it a lot.

On our last full day we went to the beach again, this time with Oscar, a friend we met at this hostel as well. That day we all decided to go to Hue and take a motorbike to do the Hai Van Pass. So we enjoyed our last day and evening in this beautiful town fully but we were also very excited for the upcoming adventure.

Our luggage was brought to Hue so we were able to drive without concern. Brigita spontaneously decided to join us and so all four of us headed to Da Nang. There we had our first stop to visit the Marbella Mountain. It’s an old temple complex on a mountain and it even has some small caves.

As we continued our ride, we entered the Hai Van Pass, a beautiful mountain pass through a national park. The roads were very curvy and the view breath taking! To the one side were the jungle mountains and to the other the coast. We stopped a couple of times to fully enjoy the views and nature around us. In the afternoon we arrived at the Elefant springs, a river that flows through a stone canyon. We all had lots of fun jumping over the stones and the boys even went swimming (I thought it was too cold). This spot was very much untouched and we were the only foreigners there which made this experience even more enjoyable. It was already pretty late so we had to drive ahead in the dark. I really don’t like it because traffic is crazy here. The Vietnamese always honk to pass you and the bus drivers drive really fast. The honking in the West has an aggressive or negative connotation but here it’s more a friendly reminder so that you know someone is coming from behind you. But it still took me a while to get used to!

Brigita was driving with Oscar so she was able to film a little 🙂

On our first day in Hue we slept in quite long and then took the motorbikes to visit the abandoned Waterpark. It’s a Waterpark that was actually finished in 2007 but for some reasons never opened. So now it’s a big attraction, especially for young travelers. We had to bribe the guard (which now we think was just a local dressed as a guard to get some money off the tourists) and then we followed a small path through the forest until we arrived to the first entrance, the big dragon. The architecture of this is amazing, a huge dragon from the outside and a labyrinth underworld inside, surrounded by a natural lake. It has a very misterious flair and is definitely worth visiting.

Further on is a small waterpark with slides and pools. Here one can see how quickly nature takes back everything. It was all pretty wild and overgrown but I think it would’ve been a quite cool Waterpark. The last part of it consists of a small arena with a platform to perform and a pool with fountains constructed into it in the background. I really enjoyed this little adventure and really liked the atmosphere of this abandoned Waterpark. To finish this day perfectly we went to a little mountain to watch the sunset in peace.

The next morning Martijn, Oscar and I went to the big market and brought lots of fruits for our journey to the next destination, Phong Nah Ke-Bang national park. I’m super excited for that, I wanted to stay in a national park for so long and now I finally will!

This post is again much shorter than it was before but it deleted itself again. I think it’s because I’m writing offline sometimes but yeah it’s very annoying…

Wish you all a great day! ❤️ And always be thankful for what you have! 😊

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  1. oh my goodness as always I love love love the pictures. So beautiful!!! I want to see more of your custom clothing! Iove those pants. So fun!! 🙂 I’m glad your trip has been so amazing! love you!

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