Christmas in Paradise

Today was my first full day on Koh Chang. I didn’t sleep very good in the dorm room so I stood up at 7 am. It was still a bit foggy in the morning and I took my yoga mat out on the porch to do some yoga. Afterwards I meditated which was a bit hard because there were flies sitting all over me but its good practice too! When I started to do some work out exercise the little puppy from the hostel interrupted me and wanted to sit on my lap so I led him haha

When I was finished the others started to wake up too. It was nice and quiet in the morning until I wanted to eat my bananas for breakfast. I left them on the table just for a second and then an ape came and stole the whole bag, there were like 10 bananas left! So my breakfast got stolen by a monkey…

He was so fast that no one could stop him and he jumped off to the woods. I thought it was quite funny but I was also sad because my breakfast was gone haha.

My plan for this day was to rent a scooter with another German girl to go to a very nice beach on the southeast side (my hostel is on the east coast). The ride took us about an hour and on the way we stopped to see a waterfall. I really enjoy riding the moped on the island. The air is nice and there is not much traffic. Although its a bit difficult because the road is sometimes very curvy and steep. The waterfall was refreshing and beautiful but sadly there was not that much water because it didn’t rain for a long time here.

After the little cool down we continued our drive to the Long Beach. Its a beautiful path, surrounded by the jungle and small houses or street food cars here and there beside the road. There is actually only one main road that goes around the island and only a couple small streets. To get to the beach we had to turn on a side road and the nature around was even more beautiful and the wind felt great! When we arrived at Long Beach Resort it was even more beautiful then I thought. The water is warm and clear and the beach was not so big but at least there were not many people there yet!

So we stayed there the rest of the afternoon, relaxing in the sun and taking a long swim in the sea. I took a pineapple with me so we had a little and refreshing sack as well! The beach, the hot sun and the beautiful sea were just so perfect and I feel so blessed and thankful for being able to experience this. So the only thing that annoyed me a little was the sand, because its nice to lay on it but you’ll have it everywhere afterwards!

On our way back we stopped at a nice view point and a neat bench row at the coast which is very unusual for Thailand.

To round of the day nicely we had dinner at a small local Thai restaurant near the main street. The food was delicious so I think I had a perfect day! I saw a lot of the island and I’m definitely coming back here when I visit Thailand again because its just so lovely and so much untouched wilderness here.

In the evening at the hostel I talked and exchanged experiences with a couple (the man is from Poland and the woman from Ukraine) and some Chinese people. Since the hostel belongs to a Chinese guy the majority of the people staying here are Chinese. Its a lot of fun here too and we also played music and sang a little before going to bed.

The next day I started pretty relaxed. I did some exercise in the morning and then I walked along the beach from my hostel. It’s a very long and beautiful beach but mostly a bit crowded because there are hotels and bungalows at the coast. But dispite that the beach is so beautiful and the water is very clear. After walking for maybe 30min I arrived at a more quiet place and stayed there the whole afternoon.

Back at the hostel some new people from Spain and Brazil arrived and we all went out for dinner and later had some drinks at the hostel. In the late night we decided to go to a nearby beach were they had Christmas partys. Well that was a bit disappointing, the music was not very good and the weirdest thing happened; The main club, kind of like an open bar with a DJ, charched all Thai women and men 150baht for entry and tourist could enter for free! When I asked the guard why they do it he said something about government policies but I couldn’t really understand him. This made me very upset, it should actually be the other way around since we are only visitors in their country! So we decided not to go in and soon went back to our hostel. The night was still a lot of fun because we all got along very well.

On the first Christmas day I went with the Spanish guy to the beach and we had a relaxing day. He told me, he sells airbnb apartments in Spain and now travels while working. It is so interesting to see and get to know people with completely different lifestyles as what we usually know. This makes me think a lot about how I want my future to be and shows me that you don’t have to take the normal, from society projected path! I’m so thankful for already learning so much through my experiences here. Unfortunately on this day something very inconvenient happend as well… While we were walking at the beach we had to go through a river and while holding my belongings over my head so they don’t get wet, my small handbag with my phone fell out. I put the phone in rice but it didn’t work. So the next day I had to buy a new one because I really need it for writing, booking and GPS. The people at the hostel were all very kind and helped me out a lot especially Galyna, the Ukrainian woman who lend me her phone for the night to cancel bookings. I think I’ve met a lot of amazing people here, I can’t say it often enough and I’m sure I’ll see some of them again!

My last day on the island was a very gray and hymen day. I bought a new phone and installed all the things I need and booked my bus to Rayong where I’ll got tomorrow to start my Retreat. I’m very excited to go there but at the same time a bit frightened. Now I’m relaxing on the porch of my hostel, writing and enjoying this beautiful view. Thank you Koh Chang for being so pure and lovely. I will return to you soon.

Until the 7th jenuary I won’t have any internet or social contact. I will remain quiet, follow the roles and hopefully learn a lot.

I wish you all a great start into the new year. May you have a lot of strength and courage in the next year. Share love and be thankful. Everything you put out there will eventually come back to you. Happy new year!

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  1. Oh my goodness the pictures are beautiful and the story of the monkey stealing your bananas is a hoot!!! Glad he was a friendly monkey that just wanted to eat!!! Keep blogging! I love to live your adventure with you!!!

    Gefällt mir

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