Second week in Thailand

As my stay in Pai continues I’m kind of getting used to this beautiful place. I’ve already met so many people from everywhere in the world. I’m sure I’ll never forget these short but intense acquaintances.

Today (Monaday the 17th) we walked up to the white Buddha on the maintain. The path was pretty exhausting due to the hot sun and the steep stairs. As we arrived we had to rent some long skirts. One is not allowed to enter any kind of monastery with shorts or tank tops. The Buddha is enormous and bright white with gold ornaments. He kind of guards the whole city and the view from there is breathtaking.

After this visit we had breakfast at a nearby vegan restaurant which was so delicious and the portions were very big too so we were full for the rest of the day! Otherwise this last day in Pai was a lazy day for us. It gets so hot in the afternoon that we decided to stay at the pool and relax. I have to say that it was pretty nice too. I still feel the jet lag so a quiet day was perfect for me. In the evening we went to town again to walk a bit through the street market. Its very long and busy and smells like different flavored food everywhere.

The prices in Pai for food and cloths are a bit more expensive then in other Thai city’s so we didn’t buy any clothes and actually ate at a small restaurant called Pans kitchen where the food was very tasty and the prices were low. But I really enjoyed walking through the night market anyways just for the flair and out of interest.

On Tuesday we took a little bus back to Chiang Mai on the curvy road through the rainforest. Back in Chiang Mai we checked into our little hostel, a three people bedroom (which was a real relief and it felt like pure luxury not sleeping with 6 other people in a room. The next day we met a German guy who just arrived so we invited him to go around the city with us. We went to a huge market where I saw insect candy for the first time. (It looks weird and not very tasty to me)

We spend a nice day with Davud from Germany and later we met his friend Joel, who lives in the Netherlands but has been around the world quite a bit already. We only stayed in Chiang Mai for one full day. The next morning we went out to eat the most delicious fruit bowl I’ve ever had and then around noon to the airport to fly back to Bangkok.

Here in Bangkok I had to say goodbye to Melina and Maaret… I thank you both so much for the wonderful time and for giving me so many helpful advises! Now I’m really prepared to be on my own. I wish you a safe trip and see you soon back in Germany;)

My first day alone was quite busy. In the morning I filled out my application for the Buddhist monastery I’m going to over new years. After that I wanted to look for the bus station from where I’ll leave tomorrow to go to Koh Chang over Christmas. I decided to try the train, its cheaper and one can experience everyday life in Bangkok. At first it was a bit confusing to find the right train but in the end I found it quite easy. I again experienced how big this city is. Here are the biggest skyscrapers I’ve ever seen, with big commercial screens on them (kind of like in new York)

On the other hand bangkok has very poor parts as well so the gab between rich and poor is immense.

After I checked my bus connection for my departure I decided I want to walk back to my hostel and go to a nearby park on the way. Well after 40 min of walking by the street, it was the only path my navigator showed me, I decided to take a motor taxi because it is not very nice walking by the street here. The air is already very bad everywhere but by the street it was unbearable! A girl I met in my hostel told me she’s been to Bangkok many times but she never saw a blue sky, the smog is just to heavy and the air is so polluted. This makes me very sad and at the same time a bit angry, no one seems to care about it, they just accept it without trying to change it… As I arrived in the park I immediately felt better! It is a beautiful park, with a lack in the middle and almost no one was there. The air was much better, it smelled like flowers and trees and it felt very tropical due to the palm and foreign trees.

I stayed there for like two hours, walked around and even meditated near the Buddha statue in peace. All the stress and business of the big city was completely gone. I love that so much about Bangkok, you’re in the middle of the city and can still find a nice and quite place.

In the evening I took the train again to go to the other side of the city to a shopping mall where they sell Buddhist clothes for my visit at the monastery over new years. On my way there I realized how many shopping Malls there are. Almost at every train station there was a big Mall. So if you ever want to do a shopping vacation, go to Bangkok 😉 .

Today, on Saturday, I stood up at 6 am to get the earliest bus to Koh Chang. I actually thought at this time the train station would be very busy but there was very few people there. Looks like the day in Bangkok starts a bit later then 6:30. Also most of the coffee shops were still closed too. For me it was a good thing, it would’ve been very annoying at rush hour with my backpack! The minivan from Bangkok Ekamai station to Trat took about five hours (the bus driver stopped a few times to talk on the phone). From there a taxi truck tuck me and about 8 other people to the fairy. So my journey until I arrived on Koh Chang took about 7 hours. From here I had to take a very expensive taxi, it was the only transportation from the small harbour to the hotels, resorts and hostels. But at like 3pm I finally arrived at my hostel. It is so beautiful here. I love the island, on the coasts there are small villages, mostly for tourists and in the middle there is pure wilderness and rain forest mountains. So to get from the west coast to the east one has to drive around the island to get there.

My hostel is a bit messy but has the perfect location on a big rock directly by the sea.

I love this place! The sea looks very nice, not so clear but also not dirty. The air is fresh and smells even a bit salty from the sea. When I arrived it was a little bit foggy but the next days it should be sunny and very hot! I’m already very excited to explore the island for the next three days.

I will write my next blog till the 27th because then I won’t be able to write anything until the 7th January due to my stay in the monastery where cellphones are not allowed. So I wish you all a happy and merry Christmas week and I hope you all enjoy the time with your loved ones!

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