Welcome to Thailand

Hello to everyone,

My name is Thea, I’m 20 years old and I decided to make a southeast Asia trip after I graduated. I have very international readers since I have family in Germany, where I was born, in Slovenia and also in America. That’s why I decided to write my blog in English although I’m not a native English speaker. Therefore I will probably have many grammar and spelling mistakes, please be so kind and ignore them, I’m sure you’ll understand everything I want to say anyways.

My journey starts on 11.12.2018 in Bangkok. I stayed in the Jam hostel in Khao San for one night and traveled to Chiang Mai the next day to meet my friends Melina and Maaret who already spend two month in southeast Asia. I really enjoyed Bangkok although it was very busy and huge. On every corner in Khao San is a delicious selection of street food. That’s why it smells like a mixture of gasoline from the traffic and the strong smell of Asian food. Its probably not for everyone but I enjoyed it, at least for a day.

After eating a delicious phat thai (Asian noodles with veggies) I participated at the meditation and cultural exchange program from the hostel I was staying. We went to Wat Arun, a Buddhist monastery where a very kind monk talked to us about the purpose of meditation and how to meditate efficiently. He also started a program for children from troubled families and is very active in the fight against human trafficking which is a major issue in Asia! After this enlightening lesson we went to the kids to teach them some English by playing various games and talking about our homes and where we are from. This was such a nice experience for all of us and I already felt so welcomed in this new culture.

Chiang Mai

In Chiang Mai my friends surprised me at the hostel and we took a walk around the city. I really love the north of Thailand. The city is surrounded by big mountains and rainforest. Chasing Mai is much smaller and greener then Bangkok and I loved it from the first second I arrived! The weather is a bit cooler but the air feels fresher too so that’s really nice 😉

We only stayed in Chiang Mai for a few hours and then we took a bus to Pai, which is the backpacker city in Thailand. The drive was long and the road very curvy but we were surrounded by this pure wild rainforest which I really adored.

Pai is a small city in the middle of the rainforest. It’s very cute and beautiful with lots of young people, street art and of course street food.

I really enjoy it here. The only sad thing is, that there are more tourists here then Thai people and the traffic of all the mopeds is polluting the air…

Today is the 15.12.2018. We rented two mopeds for a day to visit the waterfall nearby, the bamboo bridge and the Thai Canyon. The waterfall was smaller then expected but nice for a little cool down.

I really liked the baboo bridge which was very long and led over a rice field, surrounded by the rainforest, big mountains and bamboo. Today was also a very hot day and since I forgot my sun cream I got I nice little sunburn on my shoulders and my chest. But otherwise I really enjoyed this beautiful and adventures day.

After the baboo bridge we drove to the canyon. Up on the top we had a wonderful view over the landscape and I even felt a bit dizzy while standing on the edge of this mountain path. There are various little paths, most of them seemed to dangerous and small for us. Maaret and I were very brave and climbed the main path as you can see in the video below. It was a very nice experience and I’m glad I did it!

So far my journey already feels much longer then 4 days. I’ve already seen and learned so much and I’m really excited for the next week! I feel so fortunate and blessed to be able to take this trip! Everyday is a new adventure and I’m so thankful for everything!

I’ll try to write my next chapter till next Sunday and keep all of you posted on what’s going on in Thailand. See you soon and have a great week!

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  1. Super! Reading your lines we enjoyed your wounderful trip with you. Be happy and enjoy every minute, every hour and every day. We all love you and wish you al the best!
    your grandpa and grandma and all others from Ljubljana

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